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5+1 Random facts about me

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

This site is new, that is why I want to share some peculiar and unknown facts about myself. Here goes...

1) My real name isn't Milla, it's a bit longer than that. Without any hyphen (used in compounds with colliding vowels ). I will maybe share my full first name to my readers one day. When I'm braver.

2) I love people that aren't really that to the point (=uptight, cacti up in their butt holes). Then again, I also adore matter-of-fact people, if they know how to loosen up sometimes.

3) I love writing, but I also love talking. Sometimes I change subjects when they're not even finished, if I don't realize this. In my mind I yell `I-wanna-say-this-I-wanna-say-this!" and I say things when there is a two second's lull. This is annoying, my boyfriend often talks about this. I should sometimes shut the fuck up, but it's really hard for me, lol.

This doesn't mean I have to change but maybe control myself a tad. I like to listen too, other people's thoughts interest me of course. Maybe I love my ideas too much, haha.

4) I have come up with names to my future, or imaginary, girls. Both of the names are really serene and linked to nature, but not Lumi (Snow) or Meri (Sea). Those are very pretty names, too.

I know I may not ever have offspring - it's not ever certain. (Ok, if you, my close friends, do not use these, the names are Isla and Saga.)

5) In my profession I am really uncertain about my talents. Although I often hear positive feedback. In my mind one negative comment that isn't really even properly connected to myself, overrules 50 positive ones. I should be proud of myself, I've come a long way since I graduated.

6) I like to answer to negative or 'sinister(ishly)' critical comments. They teach me to become a better person or at least a bit more patient one. It's a shame I seldom get those. Naturally I love peachy and fab comments more, so keep them coming. :)

I hope you read these. I don't post any picture here, because I have no new pics about myself. Should revise/fix this thing soon and I will, when I have time to see my fabulous blog buddies.

I guess there isn't a chance to comment here, but you can email me (laiska.sunnuntai@gmail.com) if you want, or say something in my previous blog, where I also share these posts.

Mummuille ja muille 'enklannittomille' ihmisille: Jaoin vähän faktoja itsestäni, mistä voit kysyä puhelimessa tai Naamakirjassa. ;D

Millainen tyyppi sä oot? What kind of person you are about these things?

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