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The coolest clothing brand: Sole Et. Al

Warning to ya'll, the next will be only in English. Only some paragraphs in Finnish. This is not yet a paid collaboration though it appears that way. Well, Venla got a discount promo code "promo code VENLA10", and you got 10g% off of the price. You know the drill with those campaign codes, right?

All in all, we took pictures of lovely Venla in this great garden Mikkeli, when SOLE ET.AL saw our 'the queen of the world!" picture. They asked us to DM us, DM means direct messaging someone on Instagram. In the picture Venla is not wearing yet Sole Et. Al-clothing, but Maniere devoir.

We started to browse of course all the clothings that Sole Et. Al showcasing. I was amazed how this brand wasn't (yet) the new Addus or how at least I haven't ever heard of it. They're clothing seem like it has a good, breathable material and they're lookbook is so editorial, like it is ripped of from some edgy Vogue sporty issue.

I chose some of my favorites from this fall's collection. Many of them were first sold out, but I guess will they soon fulfilled their warehouse. These are all womens' clothing and from their own site.

Love this neon yellow color. You will never be hit by a double decker bus, during the day, if you are wearing this hoodie.

Then if you want to look like a hell of a business woman but steel feel cozy, neat but edgy, wear this (you can probably even get to married in this blazer if you wanna):

Loving this red shade in this sports top and trousers. Almost all my favorites are now sold out.

The last one is even on sale, but right now it has only the size 10 in their stock, so all the tennerers, be quick!

Sole Et. Al says themselves about their collection:

Sole et. Al’s latest SS18 launch is inspired by concepts from modern athleisure. The courtside collection has arrived online, highlighting the evolving trend between high end fashion and street culture.

I totally agree.

And I'm going someday to have my own lookbook of Sole Et. Al's, these pieces are so thoughtfully designed and are affordable.

Suomeksi/ In Finnish:

Esittelin brittiläisen Sole Et. Alin vaatteita, joista tosin suuri osa on juuri nyt loppuunmyytyjä. Nämä ovat kaikki naisten vaatteita, mutta sivustolta löytyy paljon miestenkin laadukkaita kledjuja.

Jos muuten käytät tuota neonkeltaista hupparia, kukaan jättirekka ei varmaankaan niin helposti aja ylitsesi.

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